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Chamber Scholarships

Application Deadline - Friday, April 12th, 2024

During the Westfield Chamber's 43-year history, the Chamber has awarded ten's of thousands of dollars to deserving individuals in Washington Township. The Board of Directors is proud to see the tradition continue again this year.

The 2024 Scholarships are made possible because of the generous support from Westfield companies and individuals. This year's sponsors include:

The Westfield Chamber offers three (3) $1,000 scholarships to graduating seniors and one (1) $1,000 scholarship to an adult furthering their education. The scholarships are awarded to Washington Township, Hamilton County, Indiana residents who plan to further their education.

All essays must be submitted via this online application form to be considered for these awards. The student's information must accompany essays.

In addition to submitting student information, each candidate must write and submit a 500-word minimum, 1,000-word maximum essay. The scholarship writing prompt is listed below.

The essay is not intended to be a report on the Westfield Chamber of Commerce, its activities, its history, or the history of chambers of commerce in general. This essay is a position paper. It reflects an actual potential situation, and your recommendation could be considered for remedy.

You are expected to create a specific solution, advocate for that solution, and discuss the challenges for implementation. In awarding this scholarship, a well-reasoned essay will be considered. The essay will be evaluated by community and chamber leaders using the following criteria:

  • Engaging Content – Content uses specific examples and your authentic voice.
  • Readability – Content has proper spacing and grammar and is organized so the reader can connect the dots and follow the story.
  • Content is accurate
  • Overall impression
  • Refrain from using your name and/or identifying relationships in your essay. This is a blind review process, so we don’t want information identifying a specific person in the essay.
  • Cite any statistics used.



Westfield is the fastest growing community in Indiana. What business do we NOT have, but need in our community and why? Please explain why you feel this business would be a good fit for and thrive in Westfield.