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Board of Directors

The Westfield Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is a group of 15 individuals overseeing the Chamber's activities, ensuring that the Chamber works toward its commitment to connecting businesses to the community of Westfield. Since 1981, the Westfield Chamber of Commerce has served its members, the greater Westfield Community, and Hamilton County. The Chamber has been a thoughtful partner with the community-at-large and a champion of progress and a positive business environment.

To serve as a member of the Board of directors is to be a steward for an organization that holds a unique and special place in the fabric of the greater Westfield community. As an individual board member, you bring a unique perspective to matters that affect all Chamber members and the community, but ultimately the Board speaks with "one voice." Similarly, while the Westfield Chamber of Commerce is composed of many members, the Board's policies reflect all members' collective best interests, not the interests of an individual member or class of members.

Apply to the Board

We are always looking to add new community partners to our board. Every year certain positions on the board are slated for reelection. If you are a chamber partner and think you'd be a great fit for our board, please don't hesitate to reach out and apply for when the next position may be available. Click below to download the board application.