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Westfield: A Period of Growth and Progress

Dear Westfield Supporters,

Above is the front cover of a new book that will capture the history of Westfield from 1998 – 2023. It represents the mural on the wall at the Grand Park Event Center. It is colorful and represents a major driver in the growth and progress of Westfield.

In order to include the future sponsors for this book we need to find those people, companies, or organizations that would like to make a donation to its cause. I’m happy to say that we now have $13,400 committed. This is about a third of the total cost of this project. Levels of sponsorship to be printed on the front inside of the book are: $10,000 (includes 20 books), $5,000 (10 books), $2,500 (5 books), $1,000 (3 books). Pre-sale: 10 books at $30 each. The book is scheduled to sell for $40 each

All sales will go to support Westfield organizations and sponsorships will cover the cost for the printing and allow all profit from your sponsorship to contribute to the various Westfield not-for-profits like Westfield Chamber of Commerce Student Scholarship, Westfield Youth Assistance, Open Doors, Heart and Soul, and Student Impact.

We hope to have the book printed in late August, 2023. There are 43 chapters and authors and an estimated 200 – 250 pages. There are over 100 pictures.

Your sponsorship is important to pay for this important Westfield book and advertise your company’s name to thousands of people for years to come, but it is more important to capture our history for future generations. We need to collect $24,500 more for the book: Westfield, A Period of Growth and Progress.

If you have questions about being a sponsor, please contact David Mueller at 317.966.9808

Thank you,

Dave Mueller, editor